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Welcome everyone to the youtube channel of My name is Manh Seven and in today’s video, I will show you guys all the steps to hit a basic forehand with modern technique. I will show you step by step so that you can follow as easily and also eWelcome everyone to the youtube channel of My name is Manh Seven and in today’s video, I will show you guys all the steps to hit a basic forehand with modern technique. I will show you step by step so that you can follow as easily and also effectively as possible. And now, I will show how to hit a proper forehand so that everyone can see the overall technique. After that, we will start the tutorial. So as you can see I have just hit a forehand. A forehand is a shot that combines multiple body parts, including legs, hip, shoulders and arm. Because it requires such multiple movements, it may be difficult for you to follow and learn. So that’s why in this video. I will show you each step in detail and analyze the mechanics behind each step so that you can understand and follow the instruction easily.
And now, we will go straight into the tutorial I have a few notices for you. First, when we start playing tennis, we should not use our wrist. A lot of players, when switching from other sports such as badminton or table tennis, they tend to flick their wrists. But when playing tennis, if we use the wrist, it may cause 2 problems First, it may lead to injury because the racquet and the ball is heavy. If we use the wrist, those forces will stretch the writst and may cause some injuries Also when we hit, we receive a large force from the ball and that may injure the wrist. Another drawback is that it will make the shot inconsistent if we flick the wrist too often. So keep in mind that the wrist should stay locked during practice Later on, when we get to advanced level, maybe in some cases we can improvise by using small flick of the wrist. But in basic training, do not use it.
A second notice is that we should loosen up our body. A lot of players, especially new tennis players, often feel very intense during practice. probably due to thinking too much, the body is tighten up. This will put pressure on the muscles and they will exhaust quickly. Our movements thus will not be as smooth. So if you feel that you are becoming tensed, take a deep breath and loosen up your body, feel as comfortable as possible and then hit.. Another quick note: when we start playing tennis, even though it is good to watch youtube videos on how professional players play, we should not mimick anyone right away. To become a professional player and to play in major tournaments, they have been praticing since they were a kid. We cannot mimick exactly like them right away. Mimicking is going agaisnt procedure. We should do the very basic steps first and then when we get better, we can start our own style.
When we are brand new to tennis and start mimicking the professional right away, it may affect our overall technique. Those are a few notices and now we will dive into the lesson. For the forehand technique, I divide it into 5 small steps so that you can easily follow. I will first show you all 5 steps. First is the preparation position. Second, turn shoulder opening up the racquet. Third, move your feet up. Fourth, turn the hip and shoulder, hit the ball. Fifth, follow through to the shoulder and end the shot. We have just observed the 5 steps and now I will explain each step in detail. the functionality of each step and the role of each body part that play in each step. The first step is the preparation. Play attention to the toe which is straight a head. The feet should be parallel, not pointing outward.
The knee should lightly bend and the back should be straight. The right hand grip for the forehand is going to be the 3.5 grip. In the other video. I have talked about the grip so I will not repeat myself in this video. The right hand grip is 3.5 and the other hand will hold the racquet’s throat. The eyes look straight. The racquet head is under the eyesight and the racquet face is about 45 degrees. OK, next, we will move our feet, turn the hip and shoulder and the racquet is now opened up. At this stage, there are multiple ways to open the racquet. Some people open a Cshape, some players open from the below. I will guide you to open horizontally, meaning the racquet head is horizontal to our head. This way is the simplest, fastest and eaiest way to open the racquet and we will use this technique. Notice that with this technique, we will make a small step aside.
And turn our hip plus shoulder to open the racquet. Now the body weight will be on the right leg; the knee slightly bends. The hip and shoulder are perpendicular to the net. The right arm will point the racquet head to the back and keep the racquet head high. The left arm is extended forward to keep our body balanced. The third step is to step forward to prepare to hit. Now the body weight is still on the right foot. We only put our left leg up front to prepare for the next step. The fourth step is to hit. Turn the hip plus shoulder and hit. This is a very important movement and like I have noticed, for this part we will not be using our wrist. So for the entire process, we have to stablize our wrist. A lot of players make a mistake here when they snap their wrists like they play in badminton or table tennis.
So for the entire process, we have to stablize our wrist. A lot of players make a mistake here when they snap their wrists like they play in badminton or table tennis. to contact point. The contact point is in front of the body, in front of the toes. Now the hitting arm should be straight. The racquet face is perpendicular to the ground. It should not close down and open up or else the ball will hit the net or out of the court. So the racquet face is perpendicular at contact point. We will turn our hip and shoulder so that the upper body part is parallel and looking at the net. The body weight is now transfer to the front foot, meaning the left one. One more time, lower the racquet, turn, hit. The fifth step is follow through and finish. Now look at where we finish the fourth step. From that, we will slightly wipe the racquet head up. We can finish on top of the shoulder.
Or to the side of the shoulder as it is not important for now. The wipe up motion is similar to the car’s windshield wipe. We do not snap the wrist forward. Ending over the shoulder. or to the side of the shoulder, both are fine. When finishing, notice that the elbow should be horizontal, do not point too much toward the sky or too low to the ground. It should be somewhere level to the chin. The left hand will catch the racquet throat. Now the body weight is entirely on the front foot and we lift the right heel up. The body should be very relaxed at this point. I have just shown all the steps to hit a modern forehand and on the next part, I will show you the steps to practice with the ball, how to familiarize yourself with the ball. to finally be able to hit a forehand. In the first part of the video I have shown you guys how to hit a forehand without actually hitting the ball. Now, I will guide you step by step on how to hit with the ball.
And we will progress from slow to fast as we move on and for this part I will have support from coach Huynh Tuan Huy. Notice that for this lesson, we will hit 3 types of ball. still ball, meaning the ball will bounce straight up at the same position. Next, the ball will be tossed toward you and the third is that the ball will be hit toward you. I will explain in detail each step together with coach Huy. And now, we will start the lesson. For this part, coach Huy will drop the ball and I will hit step by step. The ball is still, meaning it will bounce at the same position. Then I will hit step by step so that everyone can follow. First, I will prepare, turn, step forward and wait for the ball. At this stage, we will just hit the ball slightly to get familiar with the ball. We should not open up the racquet and hit the entire shot like this.
Should not do the entire shot like this straight away because it is very difficult to do it correctly. We will divide into small stages. We will just touch the ball with the racquet face. Coach Huy will drop the ball in front of my body. And like I have shown before, the contact point should be where the arm is straight ahead and I will do each small step. First, we just touch the ball like this. When we get the feeling after 510 touches, we will start wipe the ball up and finish the racquet on top of the shoulder. Relax and drag the racquet up to the shoulder. Notice that we should do it slowly because doing it too quickly may cause our wrist to snap and also it is difficult to control the movement. So we will just hit slowly, wiping the ball up for another 510 times. When we are ok at this, we can start with our racquet a little bit further to the back.
At this stage, we can start turn our body into the ball. Notice that the entire body show turn and then the arm follows that turn. Do not hit with the arm alone. If we only use the arm, the ball will not on the right direction and the body does not support the shot. Ok look one more time, racquet back, smoothly hit the ball. At this stage, the arm is fully extended to the ball and after each shot, look back to see if all parts of the body is at the correct position or not. is the body tensed or not. For beginners, it is important to hit slowly. A lot of new players rush and hit very fast. But in fact, it is very hard for beginners to hit fast and strong right away. So try to hit slowly for better result. Now we will move on to the next part and coach Huy will toss the ball toward me. In the last part, the ball bounces straight at the same position and for this part, coach Huy will toss the ball toward me. This is also the step we use to guide beginners.
I will start at the preparation stance. Turn and open up racquet. When coach Huy tosses the ball, I step forward and hit smoothly, racquet finishes on my shoulder. Notice that we have to be able to do the previous stages before this stage. Step forward, hit. At first, we will do all the preparations and only wait for the ball. When we are good, we can add split steps so that we do not stand still. This will help us be fast and comfortable. Ok, split step, turn, step forward, hit and repeat. Ok so everyone has just watched me doing steps to hit the ball coming at you. Notice that at this stage, we are forming our technique, do not worry about the pace. Pay close attention to the technique, the pace comes later. Now we come to the third part, hit the ball over the net. At this stage, coach Huy will hit the ball from the other side of the net for me to hit. Notice that we will also need to hit slowly and smoothly.
The most important thing is to have a correct technique and do not worry about the pace. Ok, I prepare, turn, step forward, hit . Notice that we need split steps to keep our body ready and not tensed. Then we pay attention to the upper body turn, step forward and the transfer of body weight when hitting the ball. Notice that when we hit the ball, the racquet head should be below the contact point up to creat topspin. If we hit horizontally, the ball may land in the net or outside the court. See the racquet head should be low to create topspin. Turn, step forward. If the ball is too low, we can bend our knees a little bit further. Ok, low, bend the knee, hit the ball up. Ok at the basic level, we will do it step by step just like that. When we have mastered these steps, we can move to a more advanced drill. The coach can hit the ball back toward us so that we can practice our reflex. everyone to the youtube channel of My name is Manh Seven and in today’s video, I will show you guys all the steps to hit a basic forehand with modern technique. I will show you step by step so that you can follow as easily and also e

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